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Posts (93)  
   1.  Washington Post Editorial: Getting Prosecutors to Share What They Know: A modest reform could help prevent wrongful convictions [March 20, 2016]
   2.  New York Times Editorial: The Push for Legal Marijuana Spreads [Friday November 6, 2015; Page A22]
   3.  New York Times Editorial: Excluding Blacks From Juries [Monday, November 2, 2015; Page A20]
   4.  Client/Attorney acquitted of assault after being wrongfully accused.
   5.  Great news! Our client, a highly decorated Prince George’s County police officer, is vindicated and exonerated of all charges in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.
   6.  Automobile injury case in the District of Columbia settles for 0,000.00.
   7.  Automobile injury case settles in the Circuit Court for Charles County, Maryland, for 5,000.00.
   8.  Prince George’s County, Maryland Circuit Court judge grants our client’s Motion to Suppress evidence as a result of an illegal search and seizure. State dismisses the case as a result of the suppression of the evidence on September 25, 2015.
   9.  Montgomery County Circuit Court judge dismisses unfounded rape charges against our client as a result of our Motion to Dismiss the Indictment for pre-indictment delay on June 25, 2014
   10.  Montgomery County, Maryland, Circuit Court jury acquits our client on September 2, 2015, of allegations of a sex offense, which the State alleged to have occurred between 17 and 20 years ago
   11.  A Prince George’s County jury acquits our client of Transporting a Handgun and Possession of a Regulated Firearm after a three-day trial before the Honorable Michael R. Pearson of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County Maryland on January 22, 2015
   12.  A Montgomery County, Maryland Circuit Court jury returns a verdict of ,788.00 in favor of our client on September 10, 2014
   13.  Senate to Improve Forensic Science and Standards
   14.  A Bit of Humor on Probable Cause
   15.  How Marijuana Use Causes Deficits that Affect Driving Ability
   16.  Prince George’s County is Overhauling Photo Lineups to Protect the Innocent from Prison
   17.  A First Degree Murder Case is Finally Resolved in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Our Client’s Favor
   18.  Acquittal in the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County
   19.  Acquittal in the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County
   20.  Acquittal in the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County
   21.  Re-balancing crack cocaine convictions
   22.  D.C. Mayor Gray Supports Bill to Decriminalize Pot Possession
   23.  Total Vindication of our Client in Allegany County Circuit Court on the Charge of Rape
   24.  Jury Finds Our Client Not Guilty of Assault Upon Montgomery County Police Officer
   25.  First Degree Assault Case Dismissed in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
   26.  Death penalty convictions under review due to FBI forensic testimony errors
   27.  No ‘accepted medical use’ yet medical marijuana has been shown to ease pain.
   28.  Jury Finds Client Not Guilty After Four Day Trial in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County
   29.  The racially biased ‘war on marijuana’
   30.  Driving under the influence, new legal limits of marijuana levels.
   31.  Recommendation to drop the legal limit from 0.08 to 0.05
   32.  The Brady Rule, Calling for Open File Discovery Reform
   33.  Counterculture hero, Paolo Soleri, Dies at 93.
   34.  Lennon’s Advice
   36.  Challenges Plague the Budding Pot Industry Despite State Legality and Historical Popularity
   37.  Maryland Politics Dual Approach to Marijuana
   38.  Warning of Deportation as a Collateral Consequence is not Retroactive
   39.  Recognizing Juveniles’ Potential for Rehabilitation
   40.  Judge Taylor Left His Mark on Prince George’s County
   41.  A Fairer Deal For Those Who Plea
   42.  Rogue Lab Shakes 34,000 MA Drug Convictions
   43.  Prison Inmates Preparing For Success
   44.  Addicted To Painkillers But Not Ready For Help
   45.  Acquittal After Jury Trial In the Circuit Court for Montgomery County
   46.  Innocent Man Found Not Guilty of Murder After Trial
   47.  Study Claims to Improve Eyewitness Lineups
   48.  As Good as Dead: Life Without Parole
   49.  Sex Offender Registries: More harm than good?
   50.  Judge Upholds Speed Camera Accuracy
   51.  New Jersey Establishes New Standard for Eyewitness Identifications
   52.  Problems with Breathalyzer Machines Reach Far Beyond D.C.
   53.  Confession tossed out in Montgomery County Rape Case
   54.  Supreme Court Holds Prosecutors to Task
   55.  Our Friends at FroZenYo, and cofounder Chuck Rendelman Hit This One out of the Park
   56.  D.C. Expects Medical Marijuana by 2012
   57.  New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law Finally Showing Signs of Life
   58.  Kupferberg supports the United States Marshall Service in Escape from Court House Lockup
   59.  All dressed up, with nowhere to “Grow”
   60.  Can Marijuana be Used to Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
   61.  Goodbye Govinda. Hello Maestro Christopher Murray!
   62.  Italian Chef Takes on Vietnamese in Capitol Hill
   63.  Celebrity Sighting at MALDEF Awards Gala in D.C.
   64.  D.C. Breath Test Delayed at least until March 2012
   65.  Child’s Age a Special Consideration for Miranda
   66.  Mixed Feelings Toward Retroactive Crack Sentence Adjustments
   67.  Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Crack Remain an Unresolved Concern
   68.  Supreme Court split over definition of “Violent Felony”
   69.  Once again, success in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
   70.  Court of Special Appeals vacates Statutory Rape conviction
   71.  Medical Marijuana States Worried Over Increased Federal Enforcement
   72.  Maryland passes “Medical Necessity” Statute for Marijuana Possession
   73.  Prosperous Marijuana Entrepreneurs Face Setbacks, Repeal
   74.  Montgomery County Resident Falsely Arrested, Charged; Settles for 0,000
   75.  Arizona joins Medical Marijuana states
   76.  Must See!
   77.  Great Result in Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland
   78.  Another Success in Prince George’s County Circuit Court
   79.  Happy Ending! Prince George’s County, Maryland
   80.  Fingerprints Reveal More than Identity
   81.  Is This Steven Kupferberg or Bruce Wayne?
   82.  Why do Innocent people confess to Crimes they did not Commit?
   83.  Another Victory in Superior Court for the District of Columbia
   84.  An Alert to All in Frederick County
   85.  Get Behind Vallario, House of Delegates and Miller, Senate! Return Them to Annapolis!
   86.  Allegations of Pit Bull Dog Attack (First Degree Assault) on Police Officer in Charles County, Maryland
   87.  Medical Marijuana: Good for your Health, Bad for your Career?
   88.  Capitalist Marijuana Advocates Discuss Strict D.C. Regulations
   89.  Having a Busy Day?
   90.  Imagine
   91.  Recent 4th Amendment Search and Seizure Decisions
   92.  No Jail for Drug Offenders
   93.  Colorado works to legitimize a quickly expanding Medical Marijuana industry

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