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Harrison-Solomon v. State  //  No.2253 MD.App Sept Term 2011 (Filed February 25, 2014)^
Significant case on conditional release after a finding of Not Criminally Responsible.

State v. Sullivan  //  407 Md. 493, 966 A.2d 919 (2009)^*

Chmurny v. State  //  392 Md. 159, 896 A.2d 354 (2006)^*
Precedent-setting case on the right to proceed in a criminal case after the defendant’s death, but before sentencing

State v. Price  //  385 Md. 261, 868 A.2d 252 (2005)^
Precedent-setting case restricting the state’s right to proceed to trial after violating the Rule to try the case within 180 days of the defendant’s first appearance in the Circuit Court after indictment

Robinson v. State  //  117 Md.App. 253, 699 A.2d 570 (1996)^
Precedent setting case on the right of the defendant to discovery of the police department’s Internal Affairs Division’s notes, and statements of the police officers

Boyer v. State  //  107 Md.App 32, 666 A.2d 1269 (1994)^*
Significant case on the issue of “Reckless Endangerment”

Nickel v. Torres  //  321 Md. 642, 584 A.2d 69 (1991)^*
Significant case on “psychiatric medical negligence”

^Trial Counsel    *Appellate Counsel