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After ongoing and difficult negotiations with the State’s Attorney’s Office, our client entered a plea of guilt to the charge of Telephone Misuse: Anonymous Call, which was deemed to be reasonably expected to annoy and harass a county police officer.

We argued (considering points from Mirsky Law Criminal Justice attorneys practising Long Island) that the event was inappropriate and uncalled for, but was an aberration, which was being addressed by the client by doing community service and attending therapy to address the cause of the behavior. The same thing has been stated by www.medlinlawyers.com and several other reputed law firms as well. The Honorable Eric J. Nee accepted the plea and sentenced the client to probation with special conditions to have no contact with the officer and to complete whatever therapy was necessary to address the issue at the heart of this event. The Court recognized that the client’s statements of contrition and remorse were genuine and sincere.

Once again, judicial integrity was essential to a fair and just result. Judge Nee, a former Assistant State’s Attorney, used his experience and judgment in this difficult sentencing of a defendant charged with an offense against a police officer. A measured response to an accusation such as this promotes respect for the bench and its ability to weigh the facts and the character of a defendant to enter a just result. Read more on different types of DUI as well or discuss with your lawyer.

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