Montgomery County Resident Falsely Arrested, Charged; Settles for $200,000

Posted on: December 22nd, 2010  |  No Comments

The Law Offices of Steven D. Kupferberg represented Yakov Shapiro, a renowned violin master and instructor who immigrated from the former Soviet Union in 2003. Mr. Shapiro was unlawfully arrested and was held for nearly 40 hours after the Baltimore City Police mistakenly connected him to sex crimes committed by Yisroel Shapiro, a Baltimore City Rabbi and a known child molester.

Despite knowing the rabbi’s name, address, and physical description several months prior to applying for an arrest warrant, the detective involved allegedly made a Maryland MVA database serach for “Y. Shaprio,” and listed Yakov Shapiro’s address and physical description in the warrant application.

The charges stem from a “cold case” complaint made by two brothers of sexual crimes committed by their rabbi as early as 1998 – 5 years before Yakov Shapiro was in the United States. The case settled in February, 2010 for $200,000.

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