Judge Upholds Speed Camera Accuracy

Posted on: August 25th, 2011  |  No Comments

via The Washington Examiner

A Judge in Montgomery County has ruled that the speed cameras located throughout College Park are accurate, and a defendant wanting to challenge the machines must present expert testimony.

Resident Will Foreman, whose company has received over 60 citations argued that the photos do not accurate depict a speeding motor vehicle. However, the company that manages the cameras, Optotraffic, testified that the photo is only used to prove that the charged vehicle was present at the time that a speed infraction was recorded by the radar. Assuming that the machines are functioning correctly, a car traveling more than 12 mph over the posted speed limit will trigger the camera, which snaps a photo only to document which car was speeding.

A defendant’s only avenue of defense, according to the Court, is to put on expert testimony that the machine that tracks the speed was not functioning properly at the time the infraction was detected.

Watch your speed out there!

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