New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law Finally Showing Signs of Life

Posted on: August 2nd, 2011  |  No Comments

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has indicated that he is now prepared to allow New Jersey’s medical marijuana law to move forward, after receiving indication from the Federal government that Justice Department is not looking to prosecute users of medical marijuana that are in compliance of state laws regulating the substance. New Jersey has one of the more stringent of the sixteen programs in the country.

While this announcement is a boon for patients waiting for relief from medical marijuana, by the time they get their first prescription filled, they will have waited for almost two years. Christie opponents have criticized the Republican governor for stalling the process. Gov. Christie, however, says that the delays were necessary to ensure that New Jersey citizens were not subjecting themselves to federal prosecution.

Once the program is up and running at full speed, patients will be able to access marijuana from one of six state sanctioned dispensaries, and must suffer from a narrow class of specific diseases.

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