Medical Marijuana

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Our firm raised the medical necessity defense before it was even contemplated by the Maryland legislature. Our work set the precedent and laid the foundation for the medical necessity defense now found in the Maryland code. Click the news link below to read more about our medical marijuana work.

  • Probation, Fines for Takoma Couple
    The Washington Post – December 15, 2009
    “The Takoma Park couple arrested after their daughter turned them in for growing marijuana were in court in Rockville, yesterday, where each was sentenced to six months’ probation, a $150 fine, and 10 days in jail, suspended.”

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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Maryland? No!

Possession of Marijuana is still illegal in Maryland. There are no marijuana dispensaries in Maryland, and you cannot get a prescription for marijuana from a doctor. However, if the court finds clear and convincing evidence that the defendant possessed or used the marijuana because of a medial necessity, the defendant will be acquitted.

Maryland Marijuana Penalties

Medical Marijuana

Maryland Medical Marijuana Exception

MD. Code, Crim. Law 5-601 (c)(3)(ii)

Notwithstanding paragraph (2) of this subsection, if the court finds that the person used or possessed marijuana because of medical necessity, the court shall enter a finding of not guilty.