Traffic Offenses / DUI / Suspensions

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Criminal charges may include such matters involving serious traffic offenses, including DUI/DWI violations. Any criminal DUI/DWI case can lead to serious consequences (learn more at DWI Guys website). For example, there is always the very strong possibility of a substantial fine being imposed in addition to a sentence of a time in jail.

Our Award-winning solicitors Southport can review every aspect of your case and investigate all possible defenses to your charges in both the criminal and administrative arenas. We are experienced in the defenses to drunk driving and serious traffic prosecutions.

We can also represent you in Administrative Hearings before the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (Maryland MVA Hearings) and the the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (D.C. DMV Hearings)

A serious traffic offense may result in the revocation of your driver’s license, making everyday transportation difficult. The consequences can include administrative sanctions such as the loss or suspension of your driving privileges, and criminal sanctions, such as incarceration, supervised probation, alcohol treatment, and/or substantial fines, we recommend you hire a professional like the personal injury attorney bradenton.

Connecticut is not a no-fault state but the premium for your automobile insurance will probably increase dramatically. A conviction for some DUI/DWI crimes can result in the loss or suspension of your commercial driving license, making it difficult for you to earn a living in your usual way.

There are immediate steps that can be taken to avoid or minimize these harsh penalties for causing a car accident. Failure to take timely action may result in the automatic loss of your driving privilege and may prejudice the resolution of your pending criminal charges. Let an expert rear-end collisions lawyer help you find the best solution to settle your case!

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There are certain requirements that the government has to prove in a serious traffic case for you to be convicted. There are also different steps that you have to take in order get the best results possible. You need a DUI or an OWI lawyer to help you stand up for your rights. You can visit site for more info.