Serious Automobile Collisions

We have the Best auto accident attorneys nashville that are experienced in representing plaintiffs who have been injured in serious automobile and motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers will file a personal injury claim and do all paperwork on your behalf while you recover. Contact us for a free initial consultation if you have been involved in a motorcycle or car accident.

Representative Cases

Troconis v. Aguirre (2011)
United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Case 10-934

Our client was significantly injured after a tow truck cut him off in an intersection. A Tae Kwon Do blackbelt, and a professional roller blader, our client had been a tremendously talented athlete. He even once hiked from Texas to Venezuala! After the accident, our client was left with severe arthritis in his ankle, and he will likely never be able to participate in his former activities. This may necessitate the use of a hospital bed, which you can browse more here. We successfully negotiated a pre-trial settlement in the amount of $450,000.

Troconis v. Aguirre

Troconis v. Aguirre

Yun v. Martinko (2005)
Our client was a motorcycle rider who was seriously injured when the defendant made a left hand turn in front of our client as he was riding through an intersection. We negotiated a settlement in the amount of $250,000. To learn more about legal services, check out

Wertz v. Custom Carpet Inc. (1994)
Our client was significantly injured and unable to continue her employment after being rear-ended by a truck in Montgomery County. This office received a jury verdict $3,156,000 which was reduced to comply with the personal injury damage cap statute to $1.1 Million, which was paid by agreement of the parties.

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