White Collar Crime

If you have been charged in Maryland or Washington D.C. with a white collar crime, you face serious criminal charges and the penalties including large fines and incarceration in state or federal prison. Regardless of the outcome, the case will have a huge impact on you and your family.

    The government will begin to build their case quickly, and you may find yourself confronted with:

  • Grand jury subpoenas
  • Search warrants
  • Undercover informants
  • Unannounced visits from law enforcement agents
  • Wiretaps

You need a criminal lawyer Melbourne that understands the challenges you face.

Criminal lawyers are professionals and have inside-out knowledge about the legal systems. Experienced defense lawyers like the ones at the Alden Law Firm know when the other parties’ lawyer tries to trick you into saying something that can make you lose the case. They also prepare you beforehand with the possible Q&As and advise you how to deal with them wisely. Our defense attorneys have a clear understanding with the criminal statues and rules involving securities fraud, procurement fraud, accounting fraud, foreign corrupt practices, antitrust violations, tax fraud, bribery, price manipulation, bank fraud, money laundering, export controls violations and others.

Our knowledge and experience goes further. We have years of experience dealing with enforcement agencies and prosecuting offices. Your defense attorney must be savvy yet cautious when dealing with the people seeking to put you in prison. You can also view here some reliable criminal defense attorneys who are well experienced to handle your case successfully!